Monday, November 29, 2010

8ft Tall Inflatable Vegas Showgirl

This colorful dream was sent to me by Todd in Newport, Minnesota:

My wife and I are driving in a beat up old BMW through a snow storm on a slushy back dirt road. There are three Tiger/bears (hybrids?) chasing us, one on either side crashing through the forest and one right on our tail. We narrowly escape and pull into the empty parking lot of a roadhouse.
I pull around back and we enter through a loading dock. We go through a doorway that is to a dressing/prep area for the band, there are guitars and such sitting around. A waitress enters through another door, and tells us we need to go around to the front. When we step outside some people 5 or 6 are gathered just hanging out smoking cigarettes and talking, we join them.
Down the road a couple of old 70's era ragged looking big V8 4 doors come roaring into view. The lead car has a tire blowout, and they both pull into the rear lot. The driver in the car with the flat gets out and stoops down to inspect the tire, the driver from the second car starts hoopin and hollerin and starts dry humping the first drivers back, which gets him some high fives from the other 6 or so people that were in the two cars. They end up joining us, they seem to know everyone. Then a commercial van, like they use to deliver bread pulls into the lot and a guy with a bullhorn gets out, joined by musicians. They pull an 8ft tall inflatable vegas showgirl out of the back of the van, and then start handing out beer to everyone, it seems as though it is some sort of promotion. It turns into a big party with everyone dancing. Then I woke up and thought wtf was that all about?

Visual interpretation of "Inflatable Showgirl" by Brooke Dale
Well, Todd, this could be pulled apart into tiny pieces and put under a microscope... but I don't think that's necessary.
In my mind, this is two dreams melded into one. The first is about driving through the woods and having bear/tigers chasing chasing you. This looks like the start of a classic anxiety dream. BUT, you are able to turn it around. In the second part, you morph the dream into a partying dream with everything from rock bands, to 70's muscle cars, to dry humping, and showgirls.  This is what I would call an entertainment dream. Just for fun. Your mind at this point is just having playtime.
 So, Well done! Nice way to avert unnecessary anxiety!!!

In general, I don't believe that there is always one definitive answer to what a dream is about. There could be many valid interpretations that hit upon different areas of subconscious thought. If you feel that you have an alternate interpretation to any of the dreams on this blog, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.  

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