Friday, December 3, 2010

Uncomfortable Rest Room Situation!

Here is a dream sent to me from Canada:
I have a tenaciously recurring dream, or set of dreams, that I was hoping you could help me untangle.

These dreams involve me being in a huge house, usually as a guest.  I wander through a series of rooms, searching for something.  What I am seeking is unclear.  Often it seems like I am checking out every bedroom, trying to decide where I most want to sleep.  I am on my own, but sometimes there are people in some of the bedrooms.  It is like some big summer camp or sleepover; people are staking out their spots.  The mood is more or less creepy/ominous/suspenseful.  I am not really afraid, but there is the sense that I do not know what I will find.  Sometimes I am actually scared, especially if I wander into a bathroom.  The worst is when the bathroom will suddenly be a huge public washroom with multiple toilet stalls and showers.  There are other people there, but I don't talk to them and try to avoid them.  The place is filthy, and I am just trying to find a place to pee or shower, all the while trying to look casual so nobody knows how horrified I am.  Sometimes the bathroom is not a part of the house dream.  Sometimes it is all about some secret attic room.  I get the feeling this room is mine, like some inner sanctum, but getting there is very scary and dangerous.  There are rickety ladders and that kind of thing.  Sometimes I find unexpected rooms and even whole suites or apartments.  I consider moving into them.

What do you think it means?

In dreams, houses are said to represent the self and walking through houses is a way of exploring your metaphorical "rooms". I tend to agree with this. Unfortunately, you are uncomfortable or scared in many of these rooms.I think this dream is about your uncertainty of self and your trying to find your place in the scheme of things. It is a search for your true self, which here seems to be the attic (which is certainly better than it being the basement). 
The other people here? Maybe they are foreign influences that you should make peace with but are ignoring. OR maybe they are other aspects of yourself that you need to address but are tiptoeing around. 
Artist's "expressive interpretation" of uncomfortable rest room situation.
What is the bathroom stuff about??? Being in the shower or on the pot is a very vulnerable time. In these circumstances we are unprepared for ... well almost anything except the task at hand. And public rest rooms can smell and be disgusting. I don't know about that part, I'll leave it up to you...

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