Friday, January 28, 2011

Waiting on a Quiet Night in the Southwest...

This Dream is from Ms. M in Minneapolis  

 DREAM, Part 1:

I was alone in the dessert Southwest area. I seemed to be wandering with no apparent destination. (John, in real life, I do not like the SW area & I avoid earth tones.)

I was cooking broccoli & cauliflower in separate pans for someone. (The sun was setting as I sat there waiting for a woman (?) to return for dinner. I never saw who she (?) was, but I remember talking to her earlier in the day, as we were engaged in some type of work.

Real Butter!
3 older people, 1 man, 2 women (with very wrinkled faces) got in cars & left. 1 older woman, very wrinkled face, serious look & no smiles. Dressed in layers, very colorful. As she walked to her car (or was she just walking home, I never saw a car), I noticed she changed into a pair of new mid-calf moccasins. She seemed to wander around all day until she changed her shoes & went home.

I was waiting for someone to return for dinner. It was dusk outside.

There was REAL butter on the veggies & I could taste them just by looking at them.

I was looking out the window of the small, brown, adobe home. It was a nice, warm evening with no bugs. (John, in real life, I hate being outside when there are bugs flying around.) I enjoyed the food aromas while I water for whoever. It was peaceful & quiet except for the sounds outside - - birds, insects but no people sounds.

I didn’t notice what I wore.


Well, Ms. M, this is really a pleasant dream. It is quiet and warm... with food that smells good. Even if you don't like the Southwest, this has to sound pretty good to someone in Minneapolis in January. I want to live this.
Being alone and wandering in the desert seems like it should be scary but you don't describe it that way. You are alone, but are waiting for something good. An ambiguous friend that you are cooking for.

However, there is the strange appearance of the wrinkled people. But they were leaving anyway, so good riddance to them. 
... and the woman with layers of bright colored clothes and moccasins? The only people that I know who dress like that are aging social workers. (The sour face ??? Burned out.)

Overall, I think this is you looking toward the future with hopeful eyes. 
Good work dreaming!

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  1. John, thank you for interpreting my dream and making some sense of it. Warm, no wrinkles, good food & looking forward to the future. I couldn't ask for anything better. I'll try for a different dream in the future. Thanks again. Ms. M., (freezing) in Minneapolis