Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Owies" and a Hair Dryer

The Id Detangler is back to break the code of a very special dream!

This dream came as a painting request for my other blog, Panda Licking on a Light Bulb: A Paint on Demand Blog.
Here is what I was sent via email by Manola to paint and interpret (obviously part of text conversation):
Whenever I have a dream about someone, I contact them the next day to let them know. Sometimes when I'm telling them the dream, suddenly the meaning becomes clear to me and I get a little embarrassed if it reflects on them negatively. It's like saying, "hey, subconsciously I think you are an ass".

Whoever sent Manola this dream should not be embarrassed. It obviously comes from a caring friend. 
Artists rendering of "Super" confronting an intruder.
Here is my interpretation:

The dog "Super" is new and wounded. It is in a very vulnerable position but it is obviously well loved by the ridiculously positive name someone gave it. The new owner is healing "Super" and teaching it tricks to keep it safe. The tricks may be all smoke and mirrors, but they might work. Who knows?

This dream is about recovery in some way. I think Manola is represented by both the owner of the dog and the dog itself. She is healing whatever wounds that the dreamer feels she has and learning new, but questionable, tricks to help her move forward.

-OR, another possibility -

The dreamer hates dogs and wants to see them injured and working as slaves in beauty salons. If this is the case the dreamer is really mean. A total ass. 

As far as I'm concerned it could go either way, it's your call.

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