Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Emerald Beetle.

Here is a dream sent to me from Terr in the UK:
My fella had a dream the other night that has left me a bit worried.

He dreamt that he was gardening with his dad (dead since 2008) and he was using his hands to dig through some leafy detritus when he felt pain on his middle finger (right hand). He turned over his hand to see what was causing this and saw an emerald green beetle with large black pincers clamped into his finger near the base.

Using his left hand he flicked the beetle off hard. The finger began spurting blood violently. He was going light headed because of the lack of blood. Next his dad was driving him to the hospital. His finger was still spurting blood, and it was fading in and out from view, like a ghost disappearing in movies.

I have tried to work out what this means, but I think I'm too close to be objective. What are you thoughts on this dream? 

Despite the all of the blood, I actually think this is a positive dream. 
Your fella and his father are gardening, which is literally a life giving practice and is a bonding thing to do together. He feels pain and in the middle finger of his right hand. This is possibly symbolizing the the pain he has from losing his father. Sometimes in dreams we have the realization that what is happening is not real, can not be real. Possibly at that moment he realized that his father is no longer with him in the real world, hence the pain. The spurting blood is a visible sign of the loss. The loss of blood symbolizing the loss of family.
But, the positive spin here is that his father brings him to the hospital. He is caring for your fella. The hand fades and comes back? Maybe a letting go.
Chart of Pressure Points on the Hand
Why the middle finger of the right hand? For most people the right hand is the dominate and injury to it is a great loss. Also, in acupuncture, the tips of the fingers are the pressure points for the sinuses and head. If your fella has sinus problems it could have made it's way into his dream. I think that there is sometimes a back and forth between the images in your dreams and your real sleeping life. This could be an influence.
Regardless, I see this dream as being about positive growth! ...which sometimes can be a little bloody!

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  1. Very nice interpretation John. Congrats on your new blog, it's exciting.