Saturday, November 20, 2010

A car that drives itself.

 Here is a dream sent to me by Ashley in Minneapolis:

So this is the first dream I can remember ever having-- it's stuck with me since I was four.

In the dream, my mom and I were driving in a car that drove itself. We had no control over it. It brought us to a clinic where we were escorted into a white-tiled room with lots of doctors in white lab coats. They led my mom over to a sink where they used water from the faucet to wipe away her eyes and her mouth.

That's pretty much it.

This is a dream about not being in control. A "car that drives itself" represents you and your mother allowing yourselves to be guided by the hands of fate. It brings you to doctors, who are authorities on how to care for yourselves. But instead of helping your mother, they wipe away her eyes and mouth, important sensory organs to allow her to know what is happening and respond to it. The doctors render her powerless to take control of any situation.

Essentially, this dream is about feeling out of control and at the mercy of authority figures who are not helping.

Visual interpretation of "car that drives self" by Brooke Dale.

You have subconsciously masterminded a new devise that allows cars to drive themselves, giving us all more ease in our lives. The doctors got rid of that pesky mouth and those annoying eyes and finally your mother can get some rest without worrying about outside stimuli . In this case, it could be a relaxation dream...

But I think the first is more likely...

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