Monday, November 15, 2010

A beautiful bag lady.

This dream was sent to me by Karen in Pittsburgh:

I had a long dream about the West 4th Street subway station. My old writing teacher was a beautiful bag lady with a shopping cart full of [I don't recall]. There was all this scaffolding on both sides of West 4th Street near NYU so it felt a little like a trap. (Does this mean I have poison ivy?)

A beautiful bag lady? This is something new to me. But why not? I guess you can be a hoarder and a hottie.

What makes this dream difficult is that we don't know what the writing teacher is hoarding? Is it something of value.... or the usual bag lady crap (heaps of smelly cloths, aluminum cans, an old air conditioner... useless stuff.)???
If her collection is of value, then it may be that you feel this teacher had a lot to offer but it didn't get either of you very far. 
If it is junk, then maybe you feel ripped off by your education. Either way, this is a frustration dream.

Woodcut depiction of a "Bag Lady",  circa 1999.

...and do you have poison ivy? I honestly am not sure what this means. I looked it up on and these are the 2 slang definitions that may be applicable here:

The gentrification of Ivy League cities.
Many host cities of Ivy League schools are being taken over by the university's. They are buying up property's and the local residents are being pushed out. Locals call it a bad case of poison ivy.
The eminent domain of Columbia university case in West Harlem is a side effect of "poison ivy".

....   or ...

2) a word used by young women, usually in groups, to announce that they will be flashing their breasts.

So if your referring to the first then, yes, I think you may have a case of poison Ivy.
If you are talking about the second... well... I don't know... what kind of school did you go to???

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  1. That UrbanDictionary stuff is great and you have some great powers!