Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sliding down a hill... with a knife...

Yesterday, Allen sent me this dream....

Last night I was sliding down an extreme hill/mountain, kind of like an ice tunnel, with a huge knife, in order to save a small girl who tried to slide down it...I did save her, then carried her up the hill.

Well, Allen, this starts like a classic anxiety dream, steep hill, someone in danger... however, you do quickly take control of the situation. You did save her, so anxiety averted!
And you have a knife? Sliding down a hill????  A grown man sliding down a hill after a child with a knife in his hand is a scary image. (You weren't intending to rob that girl, were you? Kids don't carry much money.)
Artists depiction of Allen "saving" young child.
Here's how I'm going to break it down. Your fear and vulnerability is being represented by the child. You on the sled with the knife is a confident reclaiming of an anxiety causing situation. You went into battle and indeed you came out on top. Well done!!!

...OR... you really get a thrill scaring kids with knives. So, just in case, I'm keeping a safe distance... and please forget my email....

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